Johnny Cash Memory Mania!


This week seems to be all about Cash, and you won’t here any complaints on this side of the ranch! The Man in Black had a great new Forever Stamp issued on Wednesday with a concert celebration and memorial to commemorate the event.

But even better is the long awaited and highly anticipated JohnnyCashMuseum in Nashville. The exhibit finally opened this week and we are happy to celebrate the opening with its owner and curator Bill Miller. Bill personally collected the amazing collection that is now on display.

He explained to CMT Edge that their goal was to “show people things that they’d probably never see at another museum or [Cash exhibit]”. The famed photo of Cash flipping the bird has been excluded however, “even though the estate licensed it, [Johnny] told me he didn’t like it, so out of respect, that picture won’t be in here.” But that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty more to see! The museum even houses a small theater for guests, that shows clips of Johnny’s career. “It’s really  been  a major journey collecting all this stuff and putting it all together. There was a point when I had so much stuff, and I said, “…‘will it all tie together?’ Then you start going through things you’ve had 30-40 years, and you go, ‘It’s working!’” Bill confessed.

There is a great and divers selection of memorabilia spanning Cash’s career. Bill has assembled collections of photos and posters, clothing and costumes from iconic performances, awards and documents.Bill even managed to include Johnny and June Carter’s marriage certificate from 1968.

The JohnnyCashMuseum is located at 119 Third Avenue South in “MusicCity” Nashville, TN! If your passing through on a trip this summer make sure to stop by and share a photo on The Ranch 92.3 Facebook!

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