Who’s on the Opry Stage Tonight?

Kree+Harrison++PNGIt’s been proven time and time again that some of Idols cast offs are the most successful and Country music has always seemed to welcome the more talented with a loyalty of any other up and coming artist. It seems this year is no different as last season’s Idol songstress Kree is still gaining traction after the show has ended. Kree Harrison is making her Grand Ole Opry debut tonight! I am “[so] happy to be back in Nashville. Big week ahead!” the American Idol runner up tweeted. The 23 year old is prepared for it to be emotional as well, admitting that she is thinking of singing her dad’s favorite hymn. Kree’s father, Chris Harrison, was a gospel singer as well. Sadly he passed after a plain crash off the coast of Spain. The hymn “In the Garden” was his favorite and Kree has always had it in mind if she were to ever sing at the Opry, but nothing is set in stone, “We’ll see what happens.” She told ABC News radio in a recent interview.   Kree has lived in Nashville since she moved there with her mother in sixth grade and has been to the Grand Ole Opry many times! We wish her all the best as she steps on to the stage tonight! Sing your heart out country girl!


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