Sheryl Crow Joining the World of Country

Sheryl+Crow+02Sheryl Crow has been back in the studio lately and this time she’s going Country all the way. Now anyone who has been in a karaoke bar in the past year can attest to the lasting popularity of her last venture into country music. Her crossover duet “Picture” with Kid Rock is still played on radio stations, and poorly covered by drunken fans regularly.

Crow’s first single “Easy” was released earlier this month but the full album, entitled “Feels Like Home” is not due to release until the fall, September 10th to be exact.

In studio sessions, Sheryl partnered up with a few other songwriters, including the recent news maker Brad Paisley. This will be her first album of all co-written material and was recorded in Nashville where Sheryl lives. Sheryl said that part of her country inspiration was fueled by said move, “It wasn’t until I moved here that I realized what an amazing community it is,” she stated, “It’s the thing I have been missing my whole career.” And we can bet that feeling is what inspired the album’s title. Country music is, like Hollywood, known for being a very close knit community. Thankfully Sheryl seems to find it much more welcoming. She stated that she loved “being able to sit around with a guitar and have people know each other’s songs and know songs from people who’ve influenced all of us.” Sheryl also enjoyed the comforting welcome of fellow artist Vince Gill. “When I moved here pretty early on, [Vince] started calling me to do guitar pulls, and I thought, ‘Gosh, this is just like heaven on earth down here.’”Sheryl Crow

Well, All our best to you Sheryl! We look forward to more great hits from you and love that our community is held just as dear to you as it is to us here at The Ranch. Family and good music is what Real Country is all about!

Other country songs that Sheryl has collaborated on include: “Building Bridges” with Brooks & Dunn and “What You Give Away” with Vince Gill. She also landed a Top 40 country hit in 2003 with “The First Cut Is the Deepest.” Her current single is “Easy.”


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