Country Music’s Goin’ Solo! Jennifer Nettles Big Decision

jennifer_nettles_3Sugarland star Jennifer Nettles is stepping out on her own! After little “sugarbaby” Magnus Hamilton Miller arrived in December, Jennifer has discussed many changes in her life and how her perspective has changed with the birth of her beautiful son with husband Justin Miller. And among those changes is a new solo record due out this fall. “I am absolutely thrilled and wholly proud to be working with Rick Rubin on my new solo album!” she tweeted. Country Weekly interviewed her about working with Rick Rubin. Jennifer and Rubin spent a month together recording in Malibu. “I have had a huge milestone . . . reminding me of the beauty of my roots. . . This album is a celebration of those roots. Nettles told CW and we at The Ranch are all just as excited as she to see what is to come from the Southern songbird.

Other Country Debuts:natalie

Natalie Maines also released a solo album entitled “Mother” that dropped May 7th 2013. Produced with folk artist Ben Harper the sassy Dixie Chick we all know has recorded a new record somewhere between folk and rock, which she admits was always a first love. Maines album includes a cover of the Eddy Veddar tune “Without You” and Pink Floyd’s track “Mother,” which entitled the album.

Also lead singer of Christian band Third Day, Mac Powell has gone Country. His debut album was true to the Alabama native’s roots. The album is self titled and in stores now.

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