George Jones Leaves Us Today, But Remains in Our Hearts Forever

24043-852-7The country music community gathers in support as we morn the loss of the legend George Jones. At 81 years old, George Jones had a recording career that spanned over 5 decades. USA Today summed up his influence perfectly stating that, “Hank Williams may have set country music’s mythology and Johnny Cash its attitude, but Jones gave the genre its ultimate voice.” George was admired by musicians and fans from all walks of life and the twitter-sphere is a great example of how loved he was. With posts from everyone in country music, “I’ve lost a hero and a friend. Goodbye George Jones” said Blake Shelton and pop artist Rob Thomas called him a true Country and American legend. Even Johnny Knoxville posted a picture of The Possum with the caption “George Jones R.I.P. you will be missed. xoxo.”

George will be remembered along with his hero Hank Williams and peers like Johnny Cash. His catalog of hits will be celebrated here at The Ranch and throughout the music community. George will be remembered as the man who WAS country music inside and out. His strength and struggles inspired people in their own journeys through trying times. Our thoughts and hearts go out to his family in this time of mourning. We all feel his loss as we think back on his life and legacy.


Kathi Kent / LA Times

The Texas native and military veteran had was just about to begin his final tour with dates set throughout the summer around the country. News about the tour has yet to surface but fans have already began to ask for the dates to remain as tribute to his memory and music…

Jones’s amazing narrative songs will continue to reach our hearts with their tales of heartbreak and life’s poorly dealt hands. George will continue to influence artists of all genres and generations as an amazing singer songwriter and human being. He made us laugh, sing, dance and even cry and we tip our hats in his absence. We’re gonna miss ya Possum! 

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