Comfort Little Theater April 26th/27th and May 3rd/4th

Comfort Little Theater, vaudeville-type comedy/satire, is celebrating their 80th year in production!

CLT FlyerPresenting “Support Your Little Theater” or “Cash for Drunkards” at Waring Hall in Waring. Humor is targeted for an adult crowd, sometimes bordering on risqué. Monies benefit local organizations and provide college scholarships for local high schoolers. Drinks will be sold by local volunteer fire department as a fund raiser and food will be available for sale by local high school organizations as a separate fund raiser as well.

Entertainment begins with live music. This season CLT will be featuring Radio (from Welfare), Transisterdale (from Sisterdale), and more! Comedy will consist of 90 percent new material for repeat offenders along with a revival of classic vintage “bad jokes and skits” from the past 80 years, all guaranteed to bring a night of fun and laughter.

Again the night is geared towards “asult entertainment.” If you want a gauge, think PG 17.  And tickets are priced accordingly, $5 for adults, $10 dollars for children and $50 dollars for babies, which is “no joke!”

Doors open at 6 pm. Live music begins at 6:15 and comedy at dark-thirty (around 7:30 pm).

Come out and help support your local community while having a great time! All funds a reintroduced into the local community for services such as women’s shelters and aid in free medical services.

Footnote: Listeners will have a chance to win tickets Thursday, April 25th and Friday, April 26th on 92.3 and 96.5! Tickets are for opening night and winners will receive first choice seating if they arrive before 6 p.m.!

For more info visit the Comfort Little Theater Facebook page.


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