Pistol Annies Are Out of the Hennhouse

Credit: The Pistol Annies

“I’ve been sitting in the hair chair for 4 hours trying to get pretty for Pistol Annies video tomorrow. #beingprettyaintpretty” Tweeted Miranda Lambert this afternoon. Though Lambert is known for being beautiful in camo and jeans, the tweet still had followers tweeting in anticipation from the excitement of a new video.

The Pistol Annies have been gearing up for the much anticipated release of their second album “Annie Up” and are filming the video to their first single “Hush Hush,” which is now playing on country radio.  “We hope it’s an album people can put it on and listen to from start to finish in a world where people mostly buy singles, we’ve done pretty good without having one…” Lambert said in comparison of their debut album. 

The album has been highly praised by producers and is due to release May 7th. The Annies are due to begin touring in the beginning of June, though they have been known to pop up at Miranda’s gigs as she wraps up her Locked and Loaded tour with Dierks Bentley. Lambert also has a few tour dates with George Strait in June and it is safe to bet that concert goers may receive a live sneak peak of the Annies’ new tunes.

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