Friday, April 5th 2013

Early Bird Prize

Congratulations to Dora Alvo. She won today’s $25 gift certificate to Bella Vita Italian Restaurant.

Keepin It Country

When You’re Hot, You’re Hot” is a 1971 crossover single, written and recorded byJerry Reed. The song was his most successful on the country charts peaking at number one for five weeks. “When You’re Hot, You’re Hot” also was Jerry Reed’s second song to cross over to the Top 40, peaking at number nine. It also appeared Australian and New Zealandian charts. “When You’re Hot, You’re Hot” was certified gold for sales of one million units by the Recording Industry Association of America.

The chorus lyrics of this song appear at the very end of an episode of Scooby Doo, spoken by Scooby and Shaggy as they attend a performance by Jerry Reed, who guest starred in the episode.

Stupid News

Everyone freaked out about the job market yesterday, because an ad looking for McDonald’s cashiers in Massachusetts wanted applicants to have a BACHELOR’S DEGREE.  Well, pump the brakes.  The woman who runs the McDonald’s says it was a mistake, and she DOESN’T require people to have college degrees.

The pork and beef industries just announced they’re renaming hundreds of cuts of meat . . . to somehow make the names more descriptive AND less complicated.  A few examples:  “Pork chops” will now have names like New York chops and ribeye chops . . . beef loin top sirloin cubes are now kabobs . . . and pork butt is now a Boston roast.

On Easter, in Florida, a woman was eating Goldfish crackers and noticed one that had a CROSS branded on its side.  To us, it looks like the cracker came into contact with the head of a screw . . . but to her, quote, “it’s a sign from God.”  She’s not sure what she’s going to do with the Goldfish cracker yet.

On Wednesday, a 50-year-old man in Florida wanted to give himself a HOT SHAVE . . . so he put his can of shaving cream on the stove.  Unfortunately, that’s incredibly stupid, since pressurized metal cans of shaving cream aren’t meant to be heated up . . . and it EXPLODED IN HIS FACE.  He got a face full of flying aluminum shards, and was hospitalized with some cuts on his face.

Country Music News

KIMBERLY PERRY is still playing coy about her love life.  She says she’ll, quote, “neither confirm nor deny” that she’s dating Toronto Blue Jays Catcher J.P. ARENCIBIA.  But even if they won’t admit to a relationship, J.P. is still on Twitter gushing about the band’s new album.

According to PerezHilton.comSHANIA TWAIN will present the Entertainer of the Year award at Sunday’s ACMs.  It’s her first time on the show in 10 years.

(Entertainer of the Year nominees are Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton and Taylor Swift.)

SHERYL CROW performed an acoustic version of her new song “Easy”.  It’ll be on her upcoming country album, which, last weheard, is due out in the fall.  (–You can watch her perform it here.)

In case you missed it, KENNY CHESNEY visited “John Gruden’s QB Camp” on ESPN.  COACH GRUDEN broke down Kenny’s technique of entering the stage for his song “Keg in the Closet”.  (You can check it out here.  Kenny’s “Keg in the Closet” breakdown starts at the 2:07 mark.)


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