Country Quiz: Who Said? “To Me, Pop Music Is About What Happens On The Weekend, Country Is About What Happens Monday Through Friday.”

“To me, pop music is about what happens on the weekend, country is about what happens Monday through Friday.”Image

A.)  Tim McGraw

B.)  Jason Aldean

C.)  Luke Bryan

D.)  Eric Church

E.)  Gary Allan

F.)  Randy Houser

ANSWER:  E.)  GARY ALLAN, in the “Kansas City Star”.

–That whole “Monday through Friday” daily grind is kind of a reflection of Gary’s career.  He’s not a crossover superstar and he’s definitely not flashy . . . which is fine, because he never expected to be.

–He says, quote, “I always knew I wasn’t going to be the latest, greatest thing . . . but I didn’t want to become some flavor of the week either.

–“All I wanted to do was be the guy who makes you think, ‘Wow.  He’s been around for 30 years now.'”


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