Three Random Facts About Your Office Holiday Party

According to one recent survey, 90% of companies are planning to throw a holiday party this year, which is up from 74% last year.  But a separate survey showed that only about 5% of employees actually CARE . . . even if there’s an open bar.

–Here are three more random facts about your holiday work party.

#1.)  There’s an 80% Chance They’ll Serve Alcohol.  But you probably won’t be able to drink much, because there’s a 43% chance your party is being held over LUNCH.  Only one-third of holiday parties take place at night.

#2.)  There’s a 29% Chance It’s Being Held at Your Office.  But that’s not actually the most popular place to have them.  About 40% of office holiday parties happen at restaurants. 

#3.)  There’s a Good Chance the Party Will Lead to One of Your Co-Workers Having an Affair.  At least according to a survey by . . . the dating site for people who are actively TRYING to cheat.

–72% of women and 60% of men who admitted to cheating with a co-worker said it started at the office Christmas party.



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