Five Horrible Facts About Buying Christmas Presents

There are about 800 studies a day on holiday shopping this time of year.  Here are five random findings from the latest batch of surveys.Image

#1.)  The average person will buy gifts for EIGHT people.

#2.)  The hardest Person to shop for is the “person who has everything” . . . especially if it’s your husband or wife.

#3.)  The second-hardest person to shop for is someone you’ve just started dating.  They’re not quite your boyfriend or girlfriend yet, but you’ve been dating long enough that you need to figure out what to buy them

#4.)  People say they’re more likely to receive a HORRIBLE gift for Christmas than for Valentine’s Day or their anniversary.

#5.)  Only 3% of women think their husband or boyfriend would do a better job picking out Christmas presents they like than THEY’D do themselves. 



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