Clint Black’s Father Took His Own Life on Sunday

Tragedy struck CLINT BLACK’S family on Sunday when his father, G.A. Black, committed suicide. Image

–According to a press release, Clint believes his dad took his own life due to the loss of his wife Mary Lou and his own declining health.  Still, the family also said they had no reason to believe he was contemplating such a tragic end.

–Clint released this statement:  “Our family is devastated by this news.  We are still in the beginning stages of preparations to honor our father, and at this time, we respectfully ask for privacy until we have had the opportunity to fully process what’s transpired.”

–Clint has canceled his show this Saturday at BonefireJam in Jay, Florida.  No word about future commitments . . . and there’s no mention of this on his website.


One thought on “Clint Black’s Father Took His Own Life on Sunday

  1. Hey Clint,It’s Justin Tew ( Powell) I don’t use these electronic devices much at all. But I was at a close friend of mine the other day, and your name came up. Well ,I found out your daddy passed away . I was floored. Clint, I’m sorry and my family is praying for you and your family.I lost momma 2 years ago in October. Well ,continue to enjoy Life and may God love you and your family allllll the days of y’alls life.

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