Is Shania Twain “Seething Mad” Because Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Stole Her Vegas Thunder?

According to the “National Enquirer”, SHANIA TWAIN is “beside herself” because TIM MCGRAW and FAITH HILL started their Las Vegas run just six days after hers.  A source said, quote, “Shania feels like Faith and Tim have eclipsed her moment in the spotlight . . . and she’s seething.”Image

Some People Who Believe the World is Ending Friday Plan on Maxing Out Their Credit Cards, or Telling Off Their Bosses

There aren’t many people who believe the Mayan Apocalypse is REALLY going to be the end of the world on Friday . . . but the people who DO may go out in a blaze of stupidity.  About 5% will max out their credit cards, 1% will tell off their bosses, and a third are considering ending their relationships to try to get some new action before the End of Days.