Here Are Some Reactions from Country Stars About Tuesday’s Election

MARTINAMCBRIDE:  “I just hope, four years from now, they find a way to campaign without spending roughly $5 billion!  That money could help a lot of kids.  Just sayin’.”

SARA EVANS:  “I am completely in shock right now!  This SUCKS!  Where is this country heading?  We might as well prepare for a million trillion dollars in debt

BILLY RAY CYRUS:  “Congratulations, Mr. President!  Congratulations America.  The process worked . . . and freedom rings.”

CHARLIE DANIELS:  “Today is a day of new beginnings and if you can’t get what you want . . . take what you can get and make what you want out of it.”

OAK RIDGE BOYS:  “Congratulations to President Barack Obama.  We move on.  God Bless America.  The greatest country on earth!  Let’s SING!!!

MIRANDA LAMBERT:  “I’m always proud every time I see red, white, and blue, no matter what!”  Proud to be an American (and a Texan)!”

JOE NICHOLS:  “No matter who you voted for, let’s come together and stop hating each other.  We’re in this together.”

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