Here’s your reminder to BE CAREFUL TONIGHT.  According to Triple-A data, Halloween is THE most deadly night for pedestrians.  And obviously it’s especially dangerous for children . . . more than twice as many kids get killed by cars on Halloween than any other night.Image


The Next Pistol Annies Album Will Have a Mix of Country, Jazz, Blues . . . and Ray Charles

The PISTOL ANNIES are heading into the studio in a couple of weeks to record their second album . . . and they’re expanding their sound with this one.  ANGALEENA PRESLEY says, quote, “There’s a bunch of stuff on there that’s real and it’s country, and there’s a little bit of jazz, kind of a RAY CHARLES-inspired bluesy song.  It’s really honest.”


Hunter Hayes Is Terrified to Be Performing at the CMAs

21-year-old HUNTER HAYES admits he’s shaking in his boots about performing on tomorrow night’s CMAs.  He said, quote, “There’s a lot of fear.  It’s nerve-wracking.”  And if anyone says they’re all cool and calm about performing at the CMAs, well, Hunter believes “they’re not telling you the whole story.”