Here’s your reminder to BE CAREFUL TONIGHT.  According to Triple-A data, Halloween is THE most deadly night for pedestrians.  And obviously it’s especially dangerous for children . . . more than twice as many kids get killed by cars on Halloween than any other night.Image



TIM MCGRAW will perform his song “One Of Those Nights” on tomorrow night’s CMAs.  It’s the new single from his album “Two Lanes of Freedom”, which is due out February 5th.Image

The Next Pistol Annies Album Will Have a Mix of Country, Jazz, Blues . . . and Ray Charles

The PISTOL ANNIES are heading into the studio in a couple of weeks to record their second album . . . and they’re expanding their sound with this one.  ANGALEENA PRESLEY says, quote, “There’s a bunch of stuff on there that’s real and it’s country, and there’s a little bit of jazz, kind of a RAY CHARLES-inspired bluesy song.  It’s really honest.”


Hunter Hayes Is Terrified to Be Performing at the CMAs

21-year-old HUNTER HAYES admits he’s shaking in his boots about performing on tomorrow night’s CMAs.  He said, quote, “There’s a lot of fear.  It’s nerve-wracking.”  And if anyone says they’re all cool and calm about performing at the CMAs, well, Hunter believes “they’re not telling you the whole story.”