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SARA EVANS wears impossibly HIGH heels when she performs . . . and I think she’s proud of it.  She Facebooked a pic of her wearing the shoes on stage.Image


Reba McEntire Is Not Hosting Next Year’s ACM Awards . . . Will Blake Shelton Go It Alone?

REBA MCENTIRE announced she is not going to host next year’s ACM Awards.  Reba and BLAKE SHELTON co-hosted the last two ACMs . . . and she’s already anointed him as her successor.



–Shetold “Country Weekly”, quote, “I’ve passed the torch to Blake.  I’m a huge Blake Shelton fan.”  Blake hasn’t said anything about this yet . . . but he seems to have a plan.  At least that’s what the ACMs are saying. 



–They released this statement, quote, “Reba has hosted the ACM Awards a record 14 times since 1986, and we fully understand and support her decision to focus her energies on her new television project.



–“We’ve known about this for a while and have something very special planned with Blake returning . . . he’s got something big up his sleeve . . . that we’ll be announcing soon.  Stay tuned!”Image


The Austin City Council has voted to make the capital city of Texas the first in the state to formally endorse the legalization of same-sex marriages. The Thursday vote was unanimous.

The state of Texas doesn’t presently recognize same-sex marriages. State law defines marriage as strictly between a man and a woman.

However, councilmember Sheryl Cole says that although the vote is purely symbolic, “symbolic acts matter.”

According to supporting city documents, a 2010 University of Texas survey found that 63 percent of the Texans question support some form of legal civil union for same-sex couples. AgreeImage or disagree?